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UV aging

UV aging

Our aging chambers allow for the evaluation of the UV resistance of polymers, by exposing the sample to a filtered xenon arc lamp - a light source which can simulate solar radiation.

The WOM Ci3000 chamber is regulated and controlled for light energy, temperature and hygrometry, with the possibility of water spraying and day/night cycles and a capacity of 20 specimen carriers. The test conditions, for parts or samples, may be stipulated in specifications or proposed according to our expertise in evaluating the long-term behavior of polymers.

Equipment: Weather-O-Meter ATLAS Ci300

Associated standards:

  • ISO 4665
  • ISO 4892
  • Renault D47 1431 test method


The QUV accelerated weathering tester exposes materials to cycles of UV light and humidity at controlled high temperatures. The UV source (8 fluorescent UV lamps) simulates the UV part of the solar spectrum. The loudspeaker is equipped with the SOLAR EYE irradiance control, which allows a regulation of the UV light intensity, combined with a condensation mechanism that has been proven to simulate an external moisture attack.

Associated standards:

. ISO 4892-3

. ASTM D4587

. SAE J2020


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