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The LRCCP is capable of formulating any type of polymer-based compound. Formulation studies may be initiated in response to a materials specification that includes the basic properties to be achieved, such as mechanical strength and chemical or more specific properties such as suitability for food or drinking water applications. Color and transparency constraints may also be taken into account. In addition to the traditional formulation of elastomers, the LRCCP has also acquired significant experience in the polymer formulation field. We have also developed formulas for applications as varied as:

  • Curable and non-curable mastics for the aeronautical, construction and glazing sectors - Fire-retardant renders for the construction industry
  • Base gums for the manufacture of chewing gum
  • TPE-based gels. Specific fillers may also be added to polymers in order to obtain specific properties such as electrical conductivity, thermal properties and impermeability.  
  • Carbon nanotubes
  • Carbon fibers
  • Clay nanofillers
  • Cellulose
  • Copper and iron powder

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